D.R. Travel Tips for Your First Trip

Dominican Republic Travel Tips — Your First Trip

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Dominican republic travel

My First Time — Dominican Republic Travel

As the plane neared the island for landing, an unexpected peace settled over me. My first trip to the Dominican Republic was an experiment — a writing sabbatical. The jet wheels gracefully kissed the runway; and queued the passenger audience to cheer the A+ landing. Involuntary tears fell down my face with a joyous release — my soul’s expression of gratitude for reaching “home” at last. Little did i know that six years later, I would have published a dozen soul-inspired books during D.R.sabbaticals.; and that I would now be writing this very piece!

Welcome to the Dominican Republic

The kindness of the people who welcomed me to the D.R. remains unsurpassed. My intent for this article is to extend that kindness to you. If planning to visit or live in the Dominican Republic we warmly welcome you. To prepare for your stay, I have outlined the travel basics — including power info you will need for your soft landing.  SEE MORE

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